Underlying research: Degree thesis component project. Urban Design Strategies for flow management

Buenavista is fairly considered one of the most complicated Intermodal Transportation Centres in Mexico as it is a crucial intra-city inter-state transportation centre connecting financial and business districts and northern dwelling areas. The urban renovation design proposal comprises a dynamic connection of every transportation system with the cultural centre generated by Enrique Norten’s José Vasconcelos library.

As a design strategy a flow-diagram was created rendering every-user complex’s approach, resulting in a pixel-aesthetic promenade controlling pedestrian access by its foliage, water, and pavement treatment. Hence every element was to invite users to stroll, stay or stride.

Nevertheless the ‘south’ building was developed as an individual design component. Being defined as the entrance point for the transportation facilities, it houses subway street level access, metropolitan bus transfer, fast-food areas and transportation info centre and logistical facilities. Moreover, the ‘south’ edifice spatially intersects pedestrian and transportation flows on different levels with mercantile spots, aiming at efficient economically-viable operation and attractive commercial happenings.

Aesthetically speaking, the ‘south’ building generates a clean and iconic entrance conceptually reinforced by a general volume channeling street-level flow, both abstractly and physically. Its facade constitutes a paradigmatic landmark by a clean structural discourse. The modular glass facade reveals a intertwined beam woven supporting the whole volume.