“Flowers are music to a house” Xohimilca native

The flower market was born in the middle of a research project on social problematic in Xochimilco due government’s policies and by urban sprout implications on rural areas. Our central thesis on xochimilco’s dynamics came together in the flower market. The architectural programme aimed at providing a trading facility as urban-rural linkage while addressing the technical aspects of care and storage of flowers.

The theoretical component was founded on interviews and literature revision with the purpose of getting a profound grasp of the local reality. While having a traditional flower market in the inner area of Xochimilco, internal production lacks of an efficient selling channel due to accessing complications. A a means to solve it, a flower’s market wasplaced in the boundary between Xochimilco and Mexico City. However, inhabitants has defined it as a cumbersome hodgepodge of good wills and failed solutions for it lacks an efficient goods transportation and appropriate technical storage and selling facilities.

If the existing market is a white elephant, the proposed design project had to be efficient and fulfil every requirement the former failed to. The master plan was generated to ensure the proper function of the flowers selling point for the “ejidatarios” native to Xochimilco while being strongly influenced by the prehispanic moving-market spatial composition, commonly referred to as ‘tianguis’. Moreover, selling spot cover was designed to deploy a double skin to maintain temperature and relative humidity for preserving flowers.